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Our Synthetic Fuel Additives

What is TPx?

TPx has been formulated to reduce suspended particles through the synergistic improvement of combustion. Results in the field repeatedly demonstrate cleaner combustion systems, significantly reduced emissions, fuel savings and decreased operating costs.

Today more than ever, reducing our carbon footprint is critical. Exhaust analysis shows that carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and other partially oxidized compounds are formed by all cars, gas or diesel. TPx reduces those emissions by making sure the fuel burned correctly the first time!

TPx reduces emissions up to 55%

TPx contains approximately 25% dissolved oxygen as well as a gentle detergent/stabilizer. TPx optimizes fuel by dissolving gums and moisture in the fuel tank, then the oxygenated fuel will burn clean and efficiently. Our gentle detergents will clean engine internals restoring power.

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Case Studies

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MV Logos Hope Fuel Tank Treated With TPx

BEFORE Hope Logos tank
AFTER Hope Logos tank

Metropolitan Rail Reducing Emissions With TPx

BEFORE Baja California ferry
AFTER reduced maritime emissions


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